Facetime in iOS 15 has undergone the biggest change in its history

Facetime in iOS 15 has undergone the biggest change in its history

On the same day as the launch of the IOS 15 beta I had the opportunity to install myself on my secondary phone, to test its news and tell you about it here.

Big improvements to Facetime in iOS 15 (Photo: Apple.com)

One of the great improvements of iOS 15 the thing is Facetime it has been completely remodeled and “open” to all platforms. Now it not only works for users of iPhone and that’s especially good.

Possibly, if you are not very assiduous to Facetime You do not notice the improvement, although now you can do many more things than you could not before. You will have the possibility to send a message to the person you are talking to, watch a movie with them with SharePlay (Disney +, ESPN +, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount +, Pluto TV, TikTok, Twitch and many other services will integrate this function in their apps), create a link to make group calls, differentiate the voice from the ambient sound, etc….

A change was needed in Facetime and iOS 15 has done it:

With the pandemic and telecommuting we use Facetime, or many other video calling applications, with our people on a daily basis. As I mentioned on some occasion, I know cases of people who have switched operating systems to stay in touch with their people as Facetime gave them that possibility, but it is true that he lacked something that iOS 15 Has got.

Now you can have a video call with anyone, have iPhone or not. It is true that it may seem like bullshit, but if you have been in the ecosystem of Manzana, you will understand what I say.

New Facetime interface in iOS 15

New Facetime interface in iOS 15

I believe that Facetime it needed this renovation. Maybe some of the new features, like SharePlay, I will never use them, but the rest excites me. Being in a group and knowing who’s talking, I love it… but it reminds me of some other app….

The portrait mode in video calls is another of the novelties that greatly improve the video conferencing system of Manzana, as well as the new microphone modes that separate the user’s voice from the background noise, making any type of conversation much clearer regardless of the background noise.

I am going to continue burning my phone, which is now plugged back into the charger and telling the news about iOS 15, which are more than we think.

Are you going to download a Beta ?. Which?.


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