Facebook’s Dark Mode disappears for many users

Facebook's Dark Mode disappears for many users

From what it seems, many users are being affected by a failure in the app from Facebook for which dark mode disappears.

Failures in the Facebook app for iPhone and iPad

When dark mode came to Facebook it was “a revolution” since many people were asking for it since ios premiere said mode. And because of this, there were many users who activated them from the first moment it was available.

But now there seem to be certain problems with the Facebook Dark Mode. From what it seems this option has disappeared from the configuration of many users of the application. More specifically, it seems that Facebook’s Dark Mode has been disappearing from users since last May 5.

Dark Mode and other features seem to have disappeared from the Facebook app since May 5:

Of course, a very annoying problem for many people who like this mode better or who have even gotten used to it. But while the problem may be annoying, it seems that from Facebook they are aware of it.

This is what is understood from some statements they have made. In them from Facebook they admit that they know that some users, both of iPhone like iPad, have problems accessing the Dark mode of the application.

dark mode on facebook 1

Activate dark mode

But they do not only refer to the dark mode, but they claim to know about problems accessing some of the functions of the application. That is, this failure could affect other functions that, for whatever reason, have not transcended as if the disappearance of dark mode has.

Although we can find some solution attempts, such as restarting the devices, uninstalling and reinstalling the app or accessing the configuration menu and performing different actions, the most logical thing is to wait for Facebook to solve the problem, even more knowing that they are aware of it.

And, to you, has the Mode Dark from Facebook or has any other function of the application disappeared?


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