Facebook spies on us outside the app, avoid it by deactivating an option

Facebook spies on us outside the app, avoid it by deactivating an option

We show you the way in which Facebook spies on us outside the app and how we can deactivate this function to maintain privacy.

Facebook spies on us

Be careful because Facebook spies on us

Today we are going to teach you prevent Facebook from spying on us outside the app. Something that we have always thought about and that day by day you can see that it is more evident.

To this day, no one doubts that Facebook knows more about us than we do. And it is that he has studied us to the millimeter. Without realizing it, it collects data from us that it can then sell to other companies, to which it comes from pearls to be able to sell their products.

This may sound like ‘Chinese’, but the reality is this. Our data goes to other companies that offer us their services based on the data they have collected from us.

Facebook spies on us, avoid it this way

To begin with, we must go to the Facebook app, logically, and we go directly to its configuration. Once here, we must look for the tab <>, found in the section ‘Your Facebook information’.

Facebook spies on us 1Facebook spies on us 1

Activity outside of Facebook

We enter this new section and we will see that three menus come out. In this case we select the first one, which is the one that interests us.

A list with applications now appears. These applications that we see here are those to which Facebook has had access and from which it has obtained some type of data from us. In this case, what we must do is click on the tab <>.

Facebook spies on us 2Facebook spy on us 2

Delete any history

All this data will be erased and Facebook will no longer have it in its database. It is time to activate the function we want, so that this social network stops collecting data from us. Therefore, we now go to the menu in which the three sections appeared and we must now select the one of <>. And then, in the pop-up menu, click on <>.

Facebook spies on us 3Facebook spy us 3

Disable this feature

A new page appears in which they explain what all this is for and at the bottom, in a blue bar, again <>. Which we must press and now the function we want appears, which is to deactivate this activity outside of Facebook.

As it has been seen, Facebook does not make things easy for us when it comes to deactivating any of these functions, because they live from this. To make everything much clearer, we have made a video in which we explain this process step by step …

Video in which we explain the entire process of the activity outside of Facebook


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