Facebook Messenger can be protected with Face ID and Touch ID

Facebook you are testing a function so that we can protect the app instant messaging Facebook Messenger through Face ID and Touch ID.

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New security feature in Facebook Messenger

Among all the apps you have Facebook, the most used in the field of instant messaging is WhatsApp. But, although here in Spain it is not used too much, Facebook it also has its own app courier Facebook Messenger, integrated in the social network.

During confinement due to the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID19, has made some improvements in that application, the main one being the possibility of bringing together up to 50 people through Messenger Rooms. And now Facebook is developing a pretty interesting security feature.

The option to block Facebook Messenger with Face ID or Touch ID should appear in the app shortly

This is the possibility of blocking the application by Face ID or Touch ID. This security function is already integrated in WhatsApp and makes both our app and our conversations safer by forcing you to unlock the app with any of the systems.

Once enabled, the function will work the same as in WhatsApp. Once the unlock has been activated through either of the two systems, to access the application we will have to unlock it with the system of our device or with the code.

facebook messenger faceid touchidfacebook messenger faceid touchid

The activated function

You can also configure, among four options, when you request the app Face ID or Touch ID. Thus, we can configure the app to request unlocking every time the app is closed or opened, after one minute after the app closes, or after 15 minutes or one hour. The safest option is undoubtedly the request for Face ID or Touch ID every time you close and open the app.

Of course, all the news that makes our applications safer and away from outsiders are welcome. And you, do you use Facebook Messenger? In that case, will you configure Face ID or Touch ID to protect the application?

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