Facebook doesn’t like Apple’s new privacy rules

Facebook has started a campaign against Manzana by the new privacy regulations of mandatory compliance with the App Store.

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Facebook against privacy measures that protect the user

One of the most outstanding novelties of iOS 14, were the privacy features that were coming. These mandatory features for developers and apps force apps to ask for consent to track users already publish the data they collect in their files on the App Store.

With these functions Manzana intends that users are more aware of what data we share with apps. Not only that, but the new rules also prevent apps from tracking us without asking us and without us wanting to.

Facebook has launched a campaign criticizing Apple’s new privacy measures with iOS 14

But these new rules, totally positive for users, are already having complaints. And it is that Facebook has not taken too well that Apple forces to publish what data it collects from us and has initiated a campaign Ā«againstĀ» Apple.

In said campaign Facebook appeals that these new anti-tracing rules do a lot of harm to small businesses. In fact, in campaign ads, published in different media, he says that he is facing Manzana for small businesses everywhere.

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The campaign launched by Facebook

Facebook alleges that the new update of Apple, iOS 14, limits the ability of small businesses to create personalized ads and reach potential buyers. It also says that without personalized ads, small businesses could lose up to 60% on every dollar.

Beyond this, what appears to be Facebook is trying to protect its business model. And is that, much of it is based on the collection and tracking and sale of data of the users. Something that could be jeopardized by the new privacy measures of iOS 14.

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It is highly unlikely that Manzana go back with these functions for users. And if something has taught us experience with Facebook in recent years is that, if something related to privacy does not like Facebook, it is usually very beneficial for users.


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