Facebook bug causes many iPhone apps to not work

Facebook bug causes many iPhone apps to not work

An error in one of the functions of Facebook has made numerous applications for iPhone and iPad have stopped working.

Facebook apps

The bug is already solved

Many of you will know that to log in or create a new account in many apps from iOS and iPadOS, we have the option to do it with Facebook. This option is very fast and simple and allows access to the app almost instantaneously.

And, although this function, like the option to Sign in with Apple or Google, works quite well, today it has presented a rather significant failure. The software that allows you to use this function has failed and has caused numerous apps to not work throughout the day.

The bug is now fixed and all apps, including Spotify, should work again.

This lack of operation has resulted in the apps being opened but, if you were logged in with Facebook, they were immediately closed. And they did not allow app users to perform any type of action.

As it is a bug in the software of the SDKIt was useless to restart the device or restore it since the failure was not of the devices or the operating system. Among the apps affected were many of the best known and used apps.

spotify 1spotify 1

Spotify interface

But, without a doubt, the app that has been “most affected” and caused the most stir caused it to stop working has been Spotify. And it is that the main streaming music service also makes use of the Facebook SDK to log in, which has also been affected. With the consequent commotion of those affected in social networks.

For now, this bug seems to be handled and fixed. It seems, therefore, that it has been somewhat punctual and that the developers of Facebook They have already been able to fix it and you should already allow access to your favorite apps. Have you noticed this bug today? Did any app not let you access?


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