Extract information from any Google Account using GHunt

I just want to share this amazing OSINT Tool I just discovered called GHunt, you can find out a lot of information about accounts associated whit any Google services

Link to Git: [https://github.com/mxrch/GHunt](https://github.com/mxrch/GHunt)

GHunt is an OSINT tool to extract information from any Google Account using an email.

It can currently extract:

* Owner’s name
* Last time the profile was edited
* Google ID
* If the account is a Hangouts Bot
* Activated Google services (YouTube, Photos, Maps, News360, Hangouts, etc.)
* Possible YouTube channel
* Possible other usernames
* Public photos (P)
* Phones models (P)
* Phones firmwares (P)
* Installed softwares (P)
* Google Maps reviews (M)
* Possible physical location (M)
* Events from Google Calendar (C)

The features marked with a **(P)** require the target account to have the default setting of Allow the people you share content with to download your photos and videos
on the Google AlbumArchive, or if the target has ever used Picasa linked to their Google account.

Those marked with a **(M)** require the Google Maps reviews of the target to be public (they are by default).

Those marked with a **(C)** requires user to have Google Calendar set on public (default it is closed)


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