Exercise from home and get fit with this application

Exercise from home and get fit with this application

SmartGym is a app to exercise from home and get fit whenever we want and we have time for it.

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Exercise app from home

The confinement derived from the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 has made many of us have a lot of free time. And we are sure that many of you have chosen to exercise at home, either to start or to keep up.

Now, with the return to the «new normal«, It is probable that many of you are thinking of continuing. But the opening conditions of gyms and sports establishments may not convince you. If that’s the case, today we are talking about a app sports at home with which you can continue.

This app to exercise at home is very complete and is based on exercise routines

SmartGym gives us the option to create our own routines. To do this, in Routine, we will have to press Add Routine. In doing so we will be able to choose between different options, creating them ourselves, choosing the muscles we want to strengthen or letting an “intelligent assistant” create it for us based on what we want.

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Create routines and add exercises

The routines can be configured to be repeated and, in them, we can add the exercises we want, searching among a multitude of them and choosing between armies with or without equipment. We can also explore different routines and exercises that the app recommends, as well as add our measurements and update them.

In addition, the app has a way of Coach personal. In this way, if you work in a gym or are personal trainers, with SmartGym You can control and continue routines with your students, as well as manage different data.

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The Explore section of the app

The appLike many other home sports, it has different subscriptions and subscribing allows access to all the functions and routines of SmartGym. We recommend it as it is a very good app to keep fit.

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Download SmartGym and continue exercising from home

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