Everything you need to know about the WhatsApp ONLINE

Everything you need to know about the WhatsApp ONLINE

Sure if you use WhatsApp have you ever wondered something about this information provided by the app. Today we are going to explain everything about her. I’m sure there are things you don’t know about him Whatsapp online.

WhatsApp Online

WhatsApp online

It is one of the information you provide us WhatsApp and about which we have more queries, especially in our Youtube channel. Today we are going to talk about it and we will try to answer everything that our followers normally ask us.

Many of us look at this text, which appears under the name of the person we are writing to, to see if it is online at the moment we are creating the message, after sending it or, simply, to see if someone you are connected to the app at a certain time of the day. It is information to which many people attach great importance and which is why we are going to talk to you today.

WhatsApp online:

As we have commented, we will try to answer the questions that you ask us the most:

Who can see that I’m online on WhatsApp ?:

That information can be seen by everyone, whether they have you added to their contacts or not. For example, right now I add a new contact named AAAA and with a phone number xxx-xx-xx-xx, and I will be able to see when he is online even if that person does not have me added.

To see if a contact is in WhatsApp At a certain time, you simply have to create or access a chat that you have with that person. As soon as you open it, you will see if it is online or not, under its name at the top of the screen.

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If I block a person… can he see me online ?:

That is the only way that exists, today, to prevent anyone who has your number from seeing you online.

It is something that, for example, many users do while working. They block their bosses the moment they are going to enter WhatsApp, just in case anyone is curious to see if you are in the app or not.

This will interest you: How to know who has blocked you on Whatsapp

If I see that a person is online on WhatsApp … is it because they have me added ?:

As we said at the beginning, anyone, whether you have them added to their contacts or not, can see if you are online. We repeat that the only way to let them see that information on your profile is to block people from whom you want to hide that info.

Click on the following link to find out who does not have you added to their contacts.

How long is this information active under our profile name ?:

The “online” is activated as soon as you access the application, whatever the chat, menu, settings … in which the person is. A user does not show the “online” if he visits the chat he has with you. He will show it whenever he is inside any part of the application. That is why being online does not guarantee that a person reads your messages.

The app will stop marking that you are inside the app, after a few seconds after leaving it, as we show you in the following video:

That is why if you see that a person is “online” it may be that he really is not. This is something you should know because many times it generates unfounded anger.

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And to close, here we pass you some tricks that can come from pearls to avoid showing that you are inside WhatsApp:

If you have any other that does not appear in this article and to which you want to respond, you have it very simple. Just tell us in the comments on this post. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

Without further greeting and see you soon.


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