Even Elijah Wood needs Twitter’s help to sell his Animal Crossing turnips

Even Elijah Wood needs Twitter’s help to sell his Animal Crossing turnips

The rod market Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings the Internet together. After a user has shared it incredible turnip prices on Twitter today he caught the eye of The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood.

Wood private messaging Jessa (@directedbyrian) asking him for his Dodo code so that he can visit his island to sell his turnips. His store today bought turnips for 599 bells each, which is a particularly good number for selling your turnips – normally, a good selling price is between 300 and 400 bells.

After making a big profit on his turnips, Wood hung out with Jessa on his island. Not only did he praise the beauty of his island, but Wood also showed Animal crossing the label asking him if he can “picking fruitsFrom his trees. “[I]it was so much fun, “said Jessa The edge when asked how it felt to visit Elijah Wood on his island. “[H]He was so kind and healthy. ”

Many players around the world are turning to the Internet to find the best selling turnip prices every week to maximize their profits in the game. The game allows you to visit the islands of others, so players can get to the someone else’s island if their price is better. To find the highest prices, users joined Reddit forums and Facebook Groups, using price forecast calculatorsand start the Discord and Slack chains to get the upper hand.

This shows that even celebrities are not afraid to ask for help from the Internet to conquer Animal crossing rod market.


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