eSound, a very interesting music app for iPhone and iPad

eSound, a very interesting music app for iPhone and iPad

Today we talk about one music app that you should know because it allows us to listen to all kinds of music without limits and without paying anything. Undoubtedly an app that will delight more than one user.

eSound an interesting music app for iPhone

Reviewing the music apps what’s in the App Store, We realized one that there was one that we were not aware of and that accumulated very good reviews. The application is called eSound. We downloaded it and the truth is that we were amazed at its potential.

It allows us to access and enjoy a lot of music without paying a euro, with an interface very similar to that of Spotify. Simply by registering on their platform we can access all the songs that may come to mind.

Enjoy free music on your iPhone by registering with eSound:

If you have ever used Spotify Surely it will not cost you anything to get hold of this application. It is very similar to that well-known music platform in Streaming.

eSound interface

ESound interface

In option “Start” We will have access to news, recommended songs, hits, playlists … where we can learn about new topics that may interest us.

From the app we can access our library through the option “Library” that appears in the lower menu of the screen. There we can access music that we have saved in files, Dropbox, Google Drive…. From that same tab we can manage the songs that we like the most and, as in Spotify, we can create lists to our liking.

The option “Look for” allows us to find everything we are looking for, both through the search engine and through all the categories that appear to us.

How well indicate its developers … “ESound Music is a multiplatform multimedia center born to simplify the management, presentation and playback of YouTube videos (or other free content from third-party platforms) through the use of a simple and easy-to-use interface.”.

eSound does not broadcast licensed content, but rather downloads the audio from YouTube and we can play it from its interface. The downside to this is that the sound quality will fall far short of what paid services offer.

Without a doubt, a great app that all music lovers will appreciate having on their devices.

Download eSound



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