Escape Legends, a multiplayer puzzle game

Escape Legends, a multiplayer puzzle game

Escape Legends is a multiplayer puzzle game in which we will have to solve the puzzle before our rivals.

Escape Legends, a multiplayer puzzle game

Puzzle game

One of the most popular categories of games in the App Store are the puzzle games. And it is that they not only entertain us and make us hang out, but also put us to the test with their puzzles and riddles.

And today we are talking about some that have caught our attention since, in addition to being a game of puzzles and puzzles, it is a competitive game since we face other players while we are in the game.

In Escape Legends we will have to solve the game’s puzzles before our rivals

The game is called Escape Legends. It is based on solving puzzles to get out of the room where we are before our rival. In order to get the key that will open the door we have to explore the entire room in which we are.

escape legends game ios iphone ipad 3Escape Legends, a multiplayer puzzle game

The room to explore

Throughout the exploration of the room, we will find many worthless things of any kind, but we will also find objects that will be necessary to complete the puzzles, which can be quite simple but also somewhat complicated.

Once all the puzzles in the room have been solved, we will obtain the key and we will only have to go to the door to open it and win our opponent. If we win, we will get rewards and we can even customize our character to have the appearance that we like the most.

escape legends game ios iphone ipad 4Escape Legends, a multiplayer puzzle game

Will you be able to solve all the puzzles?

The game can be downloaded completely free of charge, but in spite of this it includes some in-app purchases such as to acquire gems. In any case, if it has caught your attention, we recommend downloading it as you may like it.

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