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Eric Chevillard’s confinement column. Day 3


[L’écrivain Eric Chevillard tiendra pour « Le Monde » la chronique Sine die, le temps que dureront les mesures de restriction des déplacements.]

Boredom. Radius Images / Photononstop

Of course, no need to deny it, boredom awaits. Always lurking in a corner of our life, boredom, ready to pounce or, rather, because it is a little hypotonic, to fall softly on us and to stuck in its meandering pitch. Confinement offers him an ideal field of action or inaction. It has its prey at home, almost feet and fists tied. Our card games are all incomplete. The guitar is missing a string. The flesh is sad, alas! and I read all the books. And Mallarmé, author of this famous and heartbreaking verse, continues: ” To run away ! over there flee! / I feel that birds are drunk / To be among the unknown foam and the heavens! “

Yes, but precisely not. Escape is impossible. The roads are blocked. Monitored stations. The planes nailed to the ground. We are fleeing here, staying at home, and the unknown foam can only be the snot of this fatal cold that we must at no cost contract.

We ask our imagination to invent distractions instead of drawing career plans on the comet as usual

Our imagination is put to the test. We ask him to invent distractions instead of drawing career plans on the comet as usual. Ideas come to us, however, by dint of languishing. So yesterday, for example, I dismantled a wooden chair and cut the pieces of a chess game from its bars with a kitchen knife. It’s pretty rustic, of course. Above all, the finished work, my daughter pointed out to me that I had only carved madmen.

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I’m losing my lucidity, boredom is eating away at me. Luckily, the merchants don’t let us down. We receive their enticing offers by email. I can’t resist the pleasure of quoting it without changing a word: “In this period of confinement, do not let your writing dream bury itself forever. Rather, take the opportunity to have time to join the masterclass directed by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and finally break down the impassable wall that prevents you from going to the end of your writing dream. From your sofa, you will access the inaccessible. SPECIAL OFFER: only 67 euros for the 21 video lessons, or 3.19 euros per lesson. “

Break the wall of the impassable, access the inaccessible! Fortunately, literature does not end with Mallarmé! We now have Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt who, for a paltry sum, will enchant our long and dismal days.

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