Epic Games apps are likely to disappear from the App Store

Epic Games apps are likely to disappear from the App Store

In an unexpected but not surprising move, Manzana will delete the developer account from Epic Games of the App Store.

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Epic Games is going from bad to worse

The front between Apple and Epic Games it seems that it is climbing more and more. All of this stems from Epic Games’ decision to create a direct payment method in its most popular game, Fortnite, to avoid commission from in-app purchases and App Store subscriptions.

This decision of Epic Games goes completely against the terms of use of the App Store and that is why Manzana decided to delete Fortnite of the App Store. Something completely predictable that they already anticipated from Epic Games since they responded with a video-parody and with a demand to Manzana for monopolistic behaviors.

All Epic Games games and apps, in addition to Fortnite, would disappear from the App Store and could not be used on devices where they were already installed

But this seems like it won’t stop here. And is that Epic Games has made public that Manzana has notified you of the closure of your developer account. This closure, always according to Epic Gameswill take place on August 28 unless they conform to the rules of the App Store.

And what does closing a developer’s account mean? Well, nothing more and nothing less than the disappearance of all its apps from the App Store, not being able to be downloaded. And not only that, but also that all their profiles are deleted and, therefore, that the apps of that developer cannot be used on the devices on which they are downloaded.

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Fortnite’s creative mode

Of course, this closure can be a great blow for Epic Games. So much because you can’t play or spend from ios and iPadOS in Fortnite, such as because the rest of its applications cannot be downloaded or used.

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We will see how all this ends. At the moment it seems that Epic Games is trying to team up with other developers, although at the moment it seems not to be doing too well. Maybe since Epic Games They should rethink their strategy since, if this is a marketing strategy, violate the rules of use of Manzana, and of Google, it doesn’t seem to be working too well for you.

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