Enable system protection to create a system restore point

Enable system protection to create a system restore point

Enable system protection in Windows

Before seeing how to activate the system protection option of your Windows, it is important to know what exactly is system protection and how it works?

System protection is a built-in feature of a Windows operating system. It allows users to undo changes using system restore option. For example, let’s say all of a sudden your system is in trouble and it is not responding as it supposed, it means there is a problem.

In order to fix these issues, the easiest and fastest way is to perform a system restore and revert your system to the previous date when it was working fine. A restore will not affect any of your documents or data on your drives. It only works with system files or Windows files. Yes, it can remove software installed after the date you are going to restore.

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How do I activate system protection?

For some reason, if System Protection is not enabled, you will also not be able to restore Windows and you will see an error as shown in the screenshot below:

To activate the system protection option in Windows, we need to access the Windows Control Panel. So, the steps below will be similar and will work on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

There are two easy ways to access system protection settings:

From Windows search

If you use this option, follow below:

  • Type Control or control panel in the Windows search box
  • Click on Control panel once you see the result
  • Locate and click System from the list of control panel items
  • Click on System protection from the left pane
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From the Run command

Follow the steps below if you want to choose the option to run the command:

  • Open the Run dialog box, press Win + R
  • Type protection of system properties
  • Hit Enter button or click Okay

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The two options above will bring up System properties window on your screen. After that follow the steps below:

Step 1. Under System Protection tab

  • Select the Windows drive (C: ) (System)
  • By default, the Protection option is of

When selecting drive C, click Configure button

enable system protection to create a restore point2nd step. System Protection for Windows the screen will be prompted.

  • Under restore settings, select “Activate system protection” radio button
  • Then click on Apply and Okay

enable system protection to create a system restore point

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you are ready to create a restore point. However, now Windows will start creating an automatic restore point for you after a certain period of time.

It will be good if you are creating your own restore point for the first time after enabling the system protection option of your Windows.

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