Enable or disable the News & Interests widget from the Windows 10 taskbar

Enable or disable the News & Interests widget from the Windows 10 taskbar

A new feature has been added to the Windows 10 taskbar called “News and interestsOn the April 2021 update. However, Microsoft also gives you the option to turn the News and Interest feature on or off at any time, if you don’t need it or if you don’t. do not need it.

Make sure your Windows is up to date if you want to use this latest feature.

If you see News and Points of Interest (icon with text) on your Windows 10 taskbar, this will provide you with information that might be useful or important to you.

By default, the news and interest icon and text should automatically activate in your Windows 10 taskbar when the Windows update is complete.

You don’t need to search for an app, website, or any other resource.

The news and points of interest in the taskbar gives you information like weather, latest headlines, stock, traffic updates and many other information based on your interest.

Check the image below, this is what it looks like from your Windows 10 taskbar.

Once you click on it, it will appear like the image below:

activate or deactivate the news and interest feature

How do I deactivate and activate the News & Interests widget?

On the other hand, many users don’t like it and are looking for ways to turn off news and interest options in the taskbar?

Hereby, we provide two options where you can easily add or remove the News & Interest icon from Windows 10 taskbar:

Option 1: Add or remove the News & Interests widget from the taskbar

Using only the taskbar, you can easily remove or activate the News & Interests widget icon. Here’s how:

  • Right click on your Windows 10 taskbar
  • Move towards News and interests
  • In the associated context menu, you will see Show icon and text, Show icon only and disable
  • Depending on your choice, select the option. If you select Switch off, it will immediately disappear from your taskbar

turn off news and interests from the Windows 10 taskbar

To note: if you want the News & Interest widget to be on the taskbar again, follow the steps above and select Show icon and text.

Option 2: Show or hide Taskbar News and Interest Widget with BAT file

This is another easy way to turn off the News & Interest feature on your Windows 10 taskbar using a batch (.bat) file.

The Batch file will quickly modify the registry entry and enable or disable the associated functionality.

Click the download button below and get the associated .bat files in one folder.

Finally, once you run one of the batch files, you should notice that a Command Prompt window will open and close quickly to make the registry changes.

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