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[EN DIRECT MERCREDI 25 MARS] The latest developments in the pandemic

Whether in Quebec or internationally, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting life as we know it.

Here you will find all the news related to this crisis hitting governments, the economy and the population.



Confirmed cases: 466,955

Dead: 21,162

Recovered: at least 113,000


Total cases in the country: 3366, including 1339 in Quebec.

Dead: 36, including 6 in Quebec.

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All the news from March 25, 2020

8:32 pm | Bolivia declared a state of health emergency on Wednesday in order to “enforce the quarantine” which had been in force since Sunday, within the framework of the fight against the coronavirus.

“From tomorrow Thursday, March 26 at midnight, the state of health emergency comes into force […] which will run until April 15, “said Interim President Janine Añez.

8:24 pm | Health workers limited to two masks per day.

8:16 pm | The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday approved an aid plan for Jordan of around $ 1.3 billion, made even more urgent by the Covid-19 pandemic.

7:55 pm | The Pentagon announced on Wednesday the freezing for two months of all its planned movements in the world, including the deployment and the repatriation of soldiers deployed in theaters of war, in an attempt to curb the epidemic due to the coronavirus.

7:02 pm | A first death in Bas-Saint-Laurent linked to COVID-19 was confirmed late Wednesday by the Ministry of Health.

The victim is an elderly person who was returning from a trip. His place of residence has not been disclosed for reasons of confidentiality.

6.40pm | Washington Cathedral contributed to the fight against the coronavirus by finding several thousand respiratory masks stored in its crypt.

6:04 pm | Some 1.3 million people will be confined to Santiago, Chile for at least a week, Chilean authorities announced on Wednesday that extended school closings until the end of April due to the coronavirus epidemic.

5.15pm | The head of the Finnish government announced on Wednesday evening the isolation of Helsinki and its region, the biggest outbreak of the new coronavirus in Finland.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin


Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin

5:06 pm | Belgium wants to increase its screening capacity for Covid-19 disease to 10,000 tests per day, compared to around 2,000 currently, which was considered insufficient by some doctors, the government announced on Wednesday evening.

5:06 pm | Turkish authorities have arrested 410 Internet users accused of “provoking” social media by sharing unfounded content related to the new coronavirus, the Interior Minister announced on Wednesday.

16.58 | Two of the three major international airports near Paris, those of Orly and Beauvais, will temporarily close due to the collapse of their activity as a result of measures taken worldwide to combat the spread of the coronavirus, have announced Wednesday operator and authorities.

4:41 pm | The British Columbia New Democrat government announced $ 500 a month in help for tenants to help pay their rent, as well as a foreclosure freeze.

4:10 pm | The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem was closed on Wednesday as part of unprecedented measures to stem the coronavirus pandemic in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, where the first death was reported.

4:08 pm | France launches military operation to support the population

4:07 pm | Colombia, the third most populous country in Latin America, entered compulsory general confinement on Wednesday for almost three weeks to stem the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

3.53pm | The City of Toronto Announces Three New COVID-19 Deaths Wednesday.


Study: hydroxychloroquine no more effective than other treatments for Covid-19

3:34 pm | Gatineau police surrendered a $ 1,000 ticket under the Public Health Act to a tenant for holding a meeting in an apartment, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

3:31 pm | The British Parliament closed its doors on Wednesday evening for almost a month due to the new coronavirus, despite criticism from the opposition who deemed it “vital” for MPs to sit during this critical period.

3.11pm | Over 600 cases of COVID-19 in Montreal

The Montreal region now has 603 cases of COVID-19, while 40 people are hospitalized, announced public health in Montreal.

2:21 pm | More than 60,000 cases of new coronavirus were officially registered Wednesday in the United States, including 827 dead, according to the Johns Hopkins University count that references.

The previous day at around the same time, the United States counted 600 deaths from the Covid-19. The majority of deaths are recorded in New York, the country’s new epicenter of the epidemic. The United States is the third largest country in number of cases, behind China and Italy.

2:14 pm | New Brunswick announced Wednesday that it is strengthening its land borders, including that with Quebec, and that anyone entering the province will have to be placed in isolation.

2:10 pm | The increase in the number of coronavirus cases continued to stagnate in Italy on Wednesday, where the death toll still passed the 7500 mark, according to the official balance sheet.

1:28 pm | Russia: death of two patients with coronavirus.

Two elderly people who tested positive for coronavirus died in Moscow, health officials in the Russian capital said on Wednesday, but have not yet determined the exact cause of the deaths.

1:10 pm | François Legault has appealed to snowbirds returning from Florida to isolate themselves for a period of 14 days.

1:10 pm | Quebec confirms that 1339 people are now infected with COVID-19 in the province, 326 more than the day before.

1:07 pm | Three seniors’ residences have COVID-19 cases in Quebec, says Prime Minister François Legault.

[EN DIRECT MERCREDI 25 MARS] The latest developments in the pandemic

Photo Jean-François Desgagnés

12.57pm | The rating agency Moody’s plans for a recession for all G20 countries in 2020.

12.55pm | 5 cases in a CHSLD in Montreal.

12.35pm | Ottawa wants to help the media as advertising revenue plummets.

12:30 pm | Ottawa will use the Quarantine Act to force Canadians entering the country to isolate themselves.

12:25 pm | Germany adopts a 1100 billion euro plan.

German MEPs voted on Wednesday for unprecedented global measures close to 1100 billion euros to help the first European economy cope with the consequences of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

12:15 pm | More than 3 billion people called to confine themselves to the world.

More than three billion people in nearly 70 countries or territories are called on by their authorities to remain confined to their homes to fight the spread of COVID-19, according to a count made on Wednesday from a database of the AFP.

12:06 | The Senate adopted the Trudeau government’s $ 82 billion emergency assistance plan to respond to the crisis.

12:01 pm | Virus: the G7 has noted a Chinese “disinformation campaign”.

The G7 of the most industrialized countries on Wednesday saw “an intentional campaign of disinformation” by China about the new coronavirus, said the American diplomacy chief Mike Pompeo.

11.37am | Coronavirus in Brazil: risk of “chaos” and “looting”, warns Bolsonaro.

11.32am | A 36-year-old patient who tested positive for COVID-19 was admitted to intensive care at Charles-Le Moyne Hospital in the past hours.

11.31am | Italy: 67 priests killed by Covid-19.

11:23 am | Ottawa is implementing a Canada Emergency Benefit, which gives $ 2,000 a month to Canadians affected by the pandemic.

11:21 am | Trump welcomes postponement of Olympics, says he will attend in 2021.

Donald Trump welcomed Wednesday the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, announced the day before by the International Olympic Committee.

“Congratulations to Prime Minister of Japan (Shinzo) Abe and the IOC for their very wise decision to host the Olympic Games in 2021. It will be a great success and I look forward to it! “, He tweeted.

11.10am | COVID-19 in Brazil: Rio’s homeless in survival mode.

11:08 am | Ontario announces that it has 688 people who are infected with the virus, 100 more than the day before.

11:04 am | Postponement of the Olympic Games in 2021: Even more appreciated by Paralympic athletes.

10.41 am | Major League Soccer has extended the moratorium on team training until Friday, April 3 inclusive.

[EN DIRECT MERCREDI 25 MARS] The latest developments in the pandemic

PIerre-Paul Poulin / JdeM

10:33 am | Putin postpones his constitutional reform and calls to stay at home.

10:17 am | The City of Ottawa declares a state of emergency.

10:14 am | Senators are starting to study the $ 82 billion emergency plan.

10:12 am | “All of humanity” under threat, the UN says, launching a humanitarian plan.

10:08 am | Wall Street opens sharply higher after an agreement on stimulus measures.

10:06 | the trial of the January 2015 attacks in France postponed.

The trial at the assizes of the January 2015 attacks in France against, in particular, the weekly Charlie Hebdo and a kosher convenience store in Paris, supposed to start on May 4, has been postponed because of the measures taken as part of the fight against COVID -19, we learned Wednesday from the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office.

9:55 am | Ethiopia: more than 4,000 prisoners to be released for fear of coronavirus.

The Ethiopian government announced amnesty and the release of more than 4,000 prisoners on Wednesday to make room in overcrowded prisons facing the risk of the spread of the new coronavirus.

9.49am | Ukraine declares itself to be in “emergency”.

Ukraine declared itself on Wednesday in “emergency” for a month on its territory due to the spread of the coronavirus, of which 113 confirmed cases have been recorded in the country.

9:36 am | Madrid buys sanitation equipment from China for 432 million euros.

The contract covers the acquisition of 550 million masks, 5.5 million rapid tests, 950 respirators and 11 million gloves to help overcome the lack of protective equipment in the country.

9:16 am | Federer offers 1 million (US $) to poor families in Switzerland.

Roger Federer, the Swiss with twenty Grand Slam trophies, announced on Wednesday a donation of 1 million Swiss francs to poor families in his country suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

9:10 am | Tokyo is asking its residents not to go out next weekend.

The governor of Tokyo has ordered residents of the Japanese capital to stay at home next weekend, warning them of a possible “explosion” of the coronavirus pandemic after the discovery in the city on Wednesday of 41 new cases.

8:57 am | Seniors from the Eva residence go out despite the security.

8:55 am | With containment, air pollution in Italy drops dramatically.

8:47 am | Colombia in general confinement against COVID-19.

7.40am | The pope implores “mercy for humanity”.

The Pope participated in mid-day Wednesday in an ecumenical prayer to “implore mercy for humanity hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic”, in which he had called the Christians of the planet to participate.

7:38 am | Resolute Forest Products is laying off 700 employees.

7:37 am | SAAQ service by appointment for essential workers.

7:22 am | End of restrictions in Hubei, China.

7:21 am | In Syria, the coronavirus “disaster” is threatening overcrowded IDP camps.

7:17 am | Putin will address the Russians on Wednesday.

7:13 am | Tokyo Olympics dates: “before or during the summer of 2021”.

After the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics announced on Tuesday, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach said on Wednesday that “all options are on the table” regarding the new dates, “before or during the summer of 2021”.

7:10 am | India plunged into silence.

7:04 am | The number of cases rose to 709 in South Africa.

6:41 am | The death toll in Spain exceeds that of China with 3,434 deaths.

The death toll in Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday exceeded that of mainland China with 3,434 deaths.

6:40 am | Prince Charles tested positive for the new coronavirus.

6:20 am | Thousands of people stranded on cruise ships in Australia.

Thousands of passengers from three cruise ships off the coast of Western Australia were not allowed to dock on Wednesday, authorities feared to import new cases of coronavirus.

6:05 am | The recovery plan adopted in Ottawa.

TO READ | Stress and “chaos” in Lesbos camp plunged into “the era of the corona”.

5:49 am | Iran announces 143 new deaths, the official toll is now more than 2000 dead.

5:18 am | Russia wants to toughen the penalties for those who break quarantine.

5:12 am | Three American sailors tested positive on board the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

4:59 am | British parliament paused for a month

The British Parliament is preparing to close its doors on Wednesday evening for almost a month, the deputies being sent back home a week earlier than planned for the Easter break because of the pandemic of new coronavirus.

3:59 am | The coronavirus boosts arms sales in the United States.

3:36 | Cruise liner with seized passengers seeks port in South America.

2:24 am | The Tokyo Stock Exchange soared (Nikkei: + 8.04%) after the agreement on the American stimulus plan.

1h40 | Agreement between the White House and the Senate on a 2000 billion dollar stimulus package.

0:05 am | A third of humanity now ordered to stay at home.

0h00 | Local entrepreneurs on the offensive to “keep money in Quebec”.

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