Easiest way to activate Net FX 3.5 in Windows 8 (1-click setup)

Easiest way to activate Net FX 3.5 in Windows 8 (1-click setup)

This Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 offline installer is the easiest way to install Net FX 3.5 in Windows 8. Yes, just one click install and the software will add the NET 3.5 for your Windows 8. We know there are many ways and tutorials on how to activate Net FX 3.5 for Windows 8. Mainly using Windows DISM from command prompt. But many problems occur from corrupt files in SXS folder.
Another option is to install the .NET (online) by downloading a huge file (around 250MB). It would definitely take an extra effort with an extra patient. Sometimes, downloading updates takes longer than downloading other files. With this option, you will have to re-download the file for each installation of NET FX. But no more, all you have to do now is download these files and run the setup. Then let the installer run and finish the job.

Here are links to the Net FX 3.5 installer for Windows 8, choose one:
dotNetFx35_W8_x86_x64 (38.55 MB) it works for me
dotNetFx35_W8_x86_x64 # 2 (39.3 MB)
dotNetFx35_W8_x86_x64 # 3 (65.2 MB)

These installers can be used for Windows 8 with 32-bit architecture as well as Windows 8 64-bit, all in one with a smaller file size. You can keep the installer for later use in the future. Of course, it will save your time, bandwidth, and days.

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