EarFun Free True Wireless Earphones Review

EarFun Free True Wireless Earphones Review

There is no shortage of real wireless headphones on the market, with new headphones coming almost every day. EarFun Free is yet another set of true wireless headphones, but with a low price of $ 49.99 and noise canceling technology. Is it really a good deal or just another set of cheap low-end headphones? Let’s find out.

EarFun, the company behind these headphones, was launched in 2018. And in those short two years, they have won several design awards for their headphones, the most recent being the CES 2020 Innovation award. They have two products: EarFun Free and EarFun Air. This review concerns EarFun Free.


Headphones are such small gadgets that you cannot stray too far from traditional design. Both come with an AirPods type rod, or they don’t. EarFun Free belongs to the latter. The headphones do not come with rods and are shaped like a bean.

Free Earfun Headphones 1

I have used both models and have reservations about headphones designed with kidney beans because they tend to penetrate deep into the ear canal and hurt after prolonged use. Fortunately, this is not the case with EarFun Free. They fit perfectly in the ear canal and the shape of the earphones is perfectly designed to be hidden in the ear, so that only a small part of them protrudes.

On the other hand, the charging case is made of plastic and looks cheap. To be honest, at $ 49, they are really inexpensive, and the charging case makes them appear even more.

Earfun Free Charging Case 1Earfun Free Charging Case 1

There are four LED indicators on the front which indicate the battery level. Behind the charging case is a USB-C port, which can be charged using a USB-C cable. A surprising addition is the wireless charging function. Simply place the charging case on a wireless charging stand and charging will start.

Free wireless charging Earfun 1Free wireless charging Earfun 1


Pairing the headphones is quick and easy. Remove them from the charging case, access your phone’s Bluetooth settings and select to pair them. Pairing is only required for the first use.

Free Bluetooth connection Earfun 1Free Bluetooth connection Earfun 1

The Bluetooth connection is stable and I never lost a connection during my two weeks of continuous use. I can also leave my phone in a room, go to the kitchen with the headphones on and keep a solid connection.

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I was in doubt when I read that it comes with an internal microphone that suppresses outside noise. This active noise canceling technology is generally only available for large, high-end headphones. However, I was surprised to find that noise cancellation works very well on EarFun Free. Being forced to work at home and in a noisy environment, I can immediately feel the difference after putting on the headphones, and I can’t even hear my wife screaming right across the table.

There is no use in noise cancellation technology if the sound quality is inherently poor. Fortunately, this is not the case with EarFun Free. The sound quality is good, especially the bass. I still like to test it with Yanni’s symphonic music, and the bass and midrange were loud and clear to me. The treble is a little soft, but not those that will distort the sound quality. One thing I like is the immersive feeling resulting from the tight fit of the headphones.

To control the music, you need to click the headphones button. There are buttons on the left and right earphones. Usage is fairly standard among most headphones:

  • Press once: play / pause
  • Double tap: control the volume
  • Press three times: Skip / next track
  • Press and hold: Activate Siri / Google Assistant

The headset battery life can last up to six hours and the case can charge it four times before needing to be recharged. This should last you for a good 30 hours of continuous reading.

EarFun Free headphones come with an IPX7 rating. If you are not aware, it means they can be submerged in water a meter deep for 30 minutes. If you like swimming with your headphones on, these are the ones to choose.

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The original price is $ 79.99, but they are now available at $ 49.99. Despite the low price, they contain many interesting features. You get noise cancellation, IPX7 rating, wireless charging and good sound quality. Tell me it’s not a good deal.

If you are looking for cheap and good quality TWS earphones, get EarFun Free. Even if you are not looking for a set, you should also get them as a backup of your current headphones.

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