Dystopian hacker short documentary now available for everyone

Dystopian hacker short documentary now available for everyone

It’s been a few years since we shot “We Are Data” as a dystopian manifesto. It tells a story about how the internet went from being the ultimate decentralized network to our data being controlled by a handful of companies. We asked people like famous hackerspace movement pioneer Mitch Altman and french hacktivist Okhin to share their views.

Our film was shown at various festivals and shortlisted for the BAFTA Student Film Awards. Now we decided it’s time to make it available for everyone online, as a reminder about what’s at stake.

By now, the discussions about who owns our data have faded. That makes the case of our film ever more pressing. On the other hand, could blockchain technologies of the web 3.0 finally be a move towards true decentralization of the internet?


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