#Drive, a fun driving game for iPhone. Make a hole for it!

#Drive, a fun driving game for iPhone.  Make a hole for it!

If like me, you are passionate about speed, you cannot stop downloading #Drive, a driving game with a perfect blend of skill and emotion. Not only does it serve to be the fastest, throughout the game, your driving skills and skill will be put to the test. I’ll tell you more!

#DRIVE, a great driving game for iPhone

I am a lover of RPG and adventure games, but I also love a good car game, of course. Among my favorites are Real Racing 3, Need for speed and, although it already has its time, Asphalt 9: Legends I find it a real gem.

As I mentioned above, it is a game in which not only speed prevails, but also the ability we have to take detours and objects on the road. Immediately I will tell you the reason for all this.

#Drive is a driving game that mixes emotion, speed and skill:

Tell me … doesn’t it vaguely remind you of Outrun? That arcade game where we had a Ferrari, with a very 80s inspiration … What a time! Anyway, and in case someone has never driven a car with their iPhoneAt the beginning we receive the handling tutorial. Simple and tactile.

Tutorial #DRIVE

Tutorial Drive

Once we have familiarized ourselves with the controls, the game itself offers us a series of 7 “levels” where we can learn the mechanics and operation in an enjoyable way. We will learn to deviate from the road, collect coins, avoid the cars that circulate on our track …

#DRIVE tutorial levels

Drive tutorial levels

On #DriveWe not only have one vehicle, but we will have a wide variety of them; We will have up to 6 categories, and an extensive catalog that will be unlocked as we progress in the game or according to the money we are willing to spend … 🤑

Catalog cars in this driving game

Car catalog in this driving game

Of course, we have the classic achievement system of Game Center….

Achievements in #DRIVE

Achievements in Drive

… And the possibility of reviving by watching a promotional video so as not to lose the progress we make in the race.

Revive in #DRIVE

Revive in Drive

But … how do you play #Drive ?:

At this point or you will ask what the objective of the game is … The truth is that it is very simple. Apply what I have explained so far and go as far as possible on our infinite road.

We will have to choose the best time to deviate and be able to fill the deposit, as well as the bonuses of the donut, or the improvement to transform us into the bulldozer. You have to be quick and skillful! On the trip you will get coins, which will help us to unlock new vehicles; In addition, we will have a simple mission system, to unlock new cars more quickly.

Car improvements in this driving game

Car improvements in this driving game

Of course, we also have the option of including improvements in the cars already unlocked, so that we can increase their acceleration, maximum speed…. Even change the color.

Customize the car in Drive

Customize the car in Drive

To finish, my personal analysis; We are before a game where we can drive a wide variety of vehicles, the most peculiar, with no other limitations than to avoid running out of fuel and be careful not to collide with the rest of the cars that we find on the road.

For the rest, if we are skillful and patient, a wide range of scenarios will open up before us that extend endlessly throughout the game. To drive and enjoy the journey friends, I leave you the link to download just below these lines. GAS!

Download Drive for iPhone


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