Download the cat game and have a good time with your family

Download the cat game and have a good time with your family

We talk about Kitty, where are you?, a curious and fun app that will delight the little ones in the house. Download the cat’s game and have a good time playing with your children, nephews, cousins, grandchildren….

Cat Game

Cat’s game

If you are looking for some activity with which to entertain children, you don’t need to look any further. Take your iPhone and download the app we are talking about today. One of the Applications What we recommend most to have a good time with the family.

Also, it is a game that does not need to interact with the iPhone to be able to play it and that the sight of the children will be appreciated. It will show them that the funniest games are not always played with a controller or by touching the screen of phones and tablets.

Cat’s game. Call it, look it up and find it before anyone else:

It is a very simple game to play as we demonstrate below. (If the right moment when we talk about it does not appear, tell you that we do it from the minute 4:26 min.):

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We simply have to access the application, configure the degree of difficulty of the game, take the iPhone and hide it upside down anywhere.

It is at that moment when people who want to find him must call the cat, Kitty, or applaud for this meow. With each meow the players will be able to “geolocate” the mobile and whoever finds it wins the game.

Screenshots of this game for childrenScreenshots of this game for children

Screenshots of this game for children

A curious way of playing with him iPhone and that surely will delight the smallest of the house.

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In addition, the developers will be including, from time to time, friends of Kitty to the game.

Download Kitty, where are you?

We hope you liked today’s app and that you share it on your favorite social networks and instant messaging apps.


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