Download the best FREE applications for iPhone of the moment

New APPS for iPhone and iPad that we recommend you download

Here we show you the best free apps of the moment. Download them as soon as possible because they will become paid as soon as you least expect it.

Free apps for a limited time

New installment of the section you like the most. You are in the right place where you will find the best free apps for a limited time of the moment.

It seems that the app developers have started the year a bit short and we have had a hard time finding good apps on offer. Anyway, we have taken gold out of the mud and we recommend you download all the ones that we name below.

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Free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad:

We guarantee that the apps are FREE right at the time of publication of this article. Specifically to the 20:02 h. (Spanish time) of the day February 12, 2021.

Maze: path of light [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Maze Path of Light

Maze Path of Light

The maze game that many of us hoped to download, one day, in our iPhone. It has circular, triangular, hexagonal labyrinths or even some with rabbit, guitar or tree shapes. If you were one of those who always did mazes in magazine hobbies, we recommend downloading this game.

Download Maze

Hoopa City 2 [4,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Build the city of your dreams

Build the city of your dreams

Game that the little ones in the house will love. Build a city and you see evolving buildings, parks, roads … to create the city of your dreams. A great app to entertain children.

Download Hoopa City 2

Nightcam: Night Mode Camera [6,99 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Take good pictures in the dark with this app

Take good photos in the dark with this app

We are facing a photo editing app perfect for enhancing photos taken, at night, in any iPhone. If you don’t have a next-generation iPhone, you will love this app.

Download Nightcam

Writey – Practice Handwriting [2,29 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

iPad writing courses

Writing courses for iPad

This application is only available for iPad since it is the only Apple device that is made to write freehand on it. This app teaches us to use the iPad Y Apple Pencil to create a piece of writing as if it were a masterpiece. Writey includes three handwriting courses: Roman Alphabet, Print Writing, and Cursive Writing.

Download Writey

BeWeather 3 [5,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Complete weather app

Complete weather app

BeWeather is the application that gives us the most complete and personal weather widget for iPhone Y iPad. All using the familiar weather interface that we have always used on our device. With BeWeather We can make the weather our own

Download BeWeather 3

If you install these apps and then delete them from your device, you can always download them again FREE, whenever you want. That is why it is a good idea to download all the ones that we comment on in this section.

We wait for you next week with more apps in offers.


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