Doodle Jump 2, the classic iPhone game reinvents itself

Doodle Jump 2, the classic iPhone game reinvents itself

Doodle jump 2 is the classic game that saw the light in iPhone a long time ago but with new features, new features, and a fresh look and feel.

The sequel to one of the most legendary iPhone games

At iPhone we have known a multitude of different games. But there is always someone who marks, for whatever reason. And today we are talking about some that we are sure many of you will know, and that is the second part of the well-known game Doodle jump.

As in the original game, in this sequel we control a little alien. And controlling it through the movements of our devices we will have to make it advance upwards avoiding enemies and preventing it from falling into the void. And while it keeps the whole essence of the game, it does have some new features.

Doodle Jump 2 keeps the essence of the original game intact

Among the features that have been renewed in the game are the different worlds in which we can play. We now have a total of 8 different worlds, each with its theme and design adapted to it.

doodle jump 2 classic game 3

We can see the records of other players

In those 8 new worlds We find the classic design of the original game, but also the cave, archaeological, exploration or space worlds among others. And in all of them both our character and the enemies and the elements of the levels will adapt to the designs of the game.

To advance from one world to another, we will have to get a certain number of stars. In this way, every time we get that number of stars we can go to the next level and thus continue advancing until all worlds are completed.

doodle jump 2 classic game 2

One of the new worlds of the game

Doodle jump 2 It is completely free to download, with only one in-app purchase to remove ads from the game. If you liked the first version of this well-known game, we are sure that you will also like this one and you will have fun with it. We recommend you download it.

Download the renewed version of this classic iPhone game


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