Does Siri activate only on the Apple Watch?  SOLUTION!!!

Does Siri activate only on the Apple Watch? SOLUTION!!!

If you are noticing that Siri is activated only on your Apple Watch, if you do absolutely nothing, we are going to give you the solution to this problem.

Siri activates itself

If Siri activates itself, this is the solution

Today we are going to teach you fix Siri problem on Apple Watch. And it is that Apple has activated an option without the consent of the users, which is giving more than one problem.

Having Siri on the Apple Watch is really a luxury. With Apple’s assistant, we can do everything, from consulting information… to calling by phone. Without a doubt, it is a great success to have introduced this function on our wrist, which makes our lives much easier.

But it turns out that after an update, Apple has activated a function that makes Siri activate practically with the turn of our wrist. Well, once again, in APPerlas we have the solution to this “problem”.

If Siri is activated only on the Apple Watch, this is the solution

What we must do is really simple, we go to the settings from the clock and click on the tab <>. Here we will find several functions that we can activate or deactivate, as well as all our history with the assistant.

In this case, we must deactivate a function that Apple has activated by default. This function is to <>.

Siri is enabled only 1Siri is activated only 1

Disable the ‘lift to speak’ feature

By disabling this, we will no longer have the problem that only the Apple assistant is activated. Since as we have commented, having this function activated, Siri is activated practically by raising the wrist the least.

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Therefore, all users can rest assured that their Apple Watch is not broken, only a function that many were unaware of has been activated. Following the steps that we have marked, the problem is completely solved.

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