Do these checks before buying a second-hand iPhone

Do these checks before buying a second-hand iPhone

We tell you the checks that we advise you to carry out, before buying a second hand iPhone.

second hand iPhone

second hand iPhone

Especially during the summer and part of the last quarter of the year, before the imminent departure of the new iPhone, many owners of this device rush to sell their devices. They do this to get the most money possible and thus be able to buy the new smartphone Manzana.

This comes in handy for many people who take advantage of this moment to acquire a good mobile at a reduced price.

If you are one of these people, you must be very careful when making the transaction and not only to see that the terminal is in very good condition, we must think that it works perfectly. There are many factors, not visual, that can make you regret a purchase of this type and we are here to notify you and give you some verification guidelines to make a good purchase.

Checks before buying a second-hand iPhone:

  • First of all check that it is not a stolen iPhone or it does not belong to the person who sells it. It requires the purchase invoice of the device.
  • If the payment is by transfer banking … DISTRUST.
  • Try all the buttons: Home, off, mute and volume. Several times, without pain and without fear.
  • Connect and surf with Wifi using Safari.
  • Check the sensors: Bring the device to your ear when you speak and watch the screen light turn off. Check that the Face ID, in case you have it, work fine. Same with Touch ID. Also do light tests on the screen and control its brightness.
  • The cameras lenses they may be scratched. Take photos and then review them well, enlarging the captured image.
  • HumidityThis point is very important because humidity damages the equipment severely. Check with a flashlight, if it has a jack, the inside of that hole where the headphones are connected and, also check the charging connector. Make sure it looks good and doesn’t have a lot of dust, foreign objects, etc…. If you see something pink or red it indicates humidity. We recommend NOT to buy.
  • Box and Accessories: If you are the first owner, you should have the original box and accessories, although they may not be in very good condition. Take the opportunity to check that the IMEI code on the box is the same as on the device. On the iPhone by dialing * # 06 # you will be able to know the IMEI code.
  • No jailbreak and, if it can be, with the last iOS installed. Once you have it, choose whether or not to do the JAIL.
  • To know if this unlocked For multiple carriers, the best way is to test it with multiple SIM cards. So go prepared taking the one of the operator that interests you. We recommend that the terminal you buy is unlocked. So you can use it with the company you want. If you acquire it blocked, you can only use it with the company through which that iPhone was purchased.
  • Check that is not locked by iCloud. To find out if your terminal is unlocked, the best, and safest, is to call Manzana and they will confirm if it is blocked or not.

So you already know the steps to follow to know how to buy well and not be bullied as it once happened to a member of the team APPerlas, who bought a second hand iPhone and when he received it he realized that the button HOME (the one just below the screen) it didn’t work for him.

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