Discover the Prado Museum with the Prado Guide app

Discover the Prado Museum with the Prado Guide app

The application The Prado Guide allows us to discover, in a virtual way, the works of the famous museum in the capital of Spain.

Official app of the museum

The Covid-19 and the pandemic generated by it has changed our lives in many ways. One of them is the possibility of traveling and visiting places such as museums. But today we are talking about one app that if you are museum fans, it will make it easier for you to get to know the famous collection Prado Museum.

The application is called The Prado Guide and it is one of the official applications of the museum that is located in Madrid. And, as you can see, in the app we will find an easy way to explore all the works in the museum’s collection.

The Prado Guide allows us to access the works in the museum

When accessing it we will see three options to choose from: Masterpieces, Artists and Collections. If we select Masterpieces we can explore the most emblematic works in the museum, such as, Las Meninas.

the prado guide prado museum 1

Some of the masterpieces

By choosing Artists we will see all the artists for which there are paintings in the museum and, by selecting any artist, we will be able to see the paintings of them. Finally, Collections will allow us to explore collections of works by countries.

When we click on any of the works we can see information about it. Among this information we have the author, the title and the year, among others, as well as information about the work. And, in addition, we will be able to observe the work «this close» if we click on it by zooming in and scrolling through it.

the prado guide prado museum 2

Goya information and painting

If we want to access all the functions of the app we will have to purchase the Premium version of it. The Premium version is priced at € 5.49, much lower than the price of the museum ticket itself. Therefore, if you are interested in art and want to see the museum’s collection, we recommend you download this official application.

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Download this official app of the Museo Del Prado


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