Discord, the messaging app designed for Gamers

Discord, the messaging app designed for Gamers

Discord is an instant messaging application designed for gamers or those who occasionally play online and cooperative games.

Discord App for iOS

The so-called «Electronic sports» or «eSports»Are currently booming. Whether on mobile devices or on the computer, there are many games that fall into this category, and the messaging app Discord It is intended for the players of these games.

The application, after registration, allows us to join the so-called servers or, so to speak, “subforums” of different games through search, but in the same way, it allows us to create our own servers.

What characterizes Discord are the voice channels that allow communication without leaving the game aside:

Creating your own servers can be very useful for those who have their own team in any of the games that fall within the eSports category, either to coordinate them or to keep track of them.

Discord interface for iPhone

Discord interface for iPhone

That the app is designed for gamers can be seen in its main feature: voice channels. In addition to having conventional text channels, voice channels allow communication without the need to write. This means that you don’t have to leave the game to communicate with your fellow players.

In addition to this, we can also add friends and communicate with them from this application. We can also mention users in the channels or servers and be mentioned.

Discord, in addition to having an application for ios and other mobile operating systems, has its own app for macOS And, designed for cooperative computer games, it can also be run from the browser itself without creating lag in the game or consuming excessive resources.

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The app is completely free and although it is expected to add forms of monetization, these will come in the form of customization options and not functions. You can download the app from this link to the App Store and access your browser version from your own website.

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