Disable Windows Security Real-Time Protection in Windows 10

Disable real-time protection

Real-time protection is an important feature of Windows security in Windows 10. In this article, we will show you the easy way to turn off real-time protection for your Windows 10 security.

By default Windows 10 comes with a built-in security called Windows Security, the popular name is Windows Defender. It is able to protect your Windows from any virus, malware, or threat attack from the internet or other resources.

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It scans your Windows for threats or malware in real time when you download something from the internet or copy anything from external drives like flash drive or external hard drive.

Why turn off real-time protection?

In a few cases, for example:

If you install another antivirus

You can activate Windows using Windows Activator or Loader OR

Are you trying to activate software such as an Office product or other software?

Yes, you should definitely need to turn off Windows Defender Real-Time Protection in these scenarios.

How do I turn off real-time protection?

Caution: Hope you know why you are turning it off. We recommend that you do not turn off real-time protection if you are not running another antivirus program. Windows can become infected with malware when real-time background scanning is turned off. In this situation, Windows Defender will not perform a background scan and the system may infect.

Step 1. Go to Windows 10 search with Win + S shortcut and type, Windows security to get the result and open it by clicking on it.

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how to disable windows security

2nd step. Windows Security or Windows Defender will open.

  • In the left pane, select “Protection against viruses and threats
  • Then click “Manage settings

disable real time protection

Step 3. You will be in the virus and threat protection settings. Most likely, the first option is for “Real-time protection“. By default, Windows Defender Real-Time Protection is always on.

There will be a toggle switch to turn off real-time protection for Microsoft Windows Defender. Click on it to turn off real-time protection.

Note: This action may ask for administrator permission, so click Yes if you get the prompt.

disable real time protection
With your action above, you can successfully disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection. Even now it will display a message “Real-time protection is disabled, leaving your device vulnerable. “

disable windows defender realtime protection

Activate real-time protection

Thereafter, when you want to activate real-time protection which is very important, just go to Step 3 as above and turn on the switch to turn it on.

Make sure that Windows Defender / Windows Security real-time protection is always on or on to protect your system from virus or threat attacks.

So in this way, you can easily disable and enable Windows Security / Defender Windows 10 real-time protection.

Protect your Windows!

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