Disable Chrome Update - Chrome v30 makes laptop hot

Disable Chrome Update – Chrome v30 makes laptop hot

How? ‘Or’ What to turn off Chrome’s automatic update? Well, that’s a complete way to do it. Recently, my Chrome browser automatically updated from v.29 to v.30. I don’t see any significant changes in the functionality of chrome, but one really bothered thing is that chrome forces extra CPU consumption and makes my laptop really hot. It’s silly, even when I disconnect the internet and only open the tab, my processor temperature reaches 69 * C. Then I close the chrome and the processor temperature is around 40 * C.
This is unacceptable, so I downgrade the previous version of chrome (v.29) and then everything goes back to normal. I don’t know if this only happens to me, or if others may experience the same. But I decided not to update Chrome to version 30. Here are my steps to prevent Chrome from updating:

Disable Chrome Update in Startup

You can do this by pressing Start + R button to run Run, then type “msconfig” (without quotes) and hit enter. Go to the Start tab and find the list of programs related to Chrome update (usually GoogleUpdate), uncheck it and apply it. For Windows 8 users, just press Esc + Shift + Ctrl (combination of shortcuts to run Task Manager), click on the start tab “find google update” right click on it and choose disable.

Disable Chrome Update from Schedule Task

For xp, vista, 7 users You can turn off Chrome’s automatic update by pressing Start »All Programs» Control Panel »Performance and Maintenance» Scheduled Task »delete the scheduled task file. Windows 8 user, press start then type schedule »click setting in the right pane (the scheduled task will appear). See the “active task” tab then find the list of tasks related to the Chrome update scheduler. Once you find it, right click and delete (must delete).

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Sometimes Chrome reschedules the task (rarely happened), it means you will have to repeat the above steps again. Or the final solution for prevent Chrome from updating is to delete any files related to the update process. You can find the file in your user profile »Local settings» Application data »Google» Update. It works great for me, you can try it!

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