Die of laughter making these jokes with an iPhone

Die of laughter making these jokes with an iPhone

We tell you how to do jokes with an iPhone. With them you will surely have fun times at family gatherings or with friends.

How to make pranks on an iPhone

We have been looking for ways to be able to prank people who have a iPhone and we have found 4. A few mini tutorials for iOS with a humorous tone that will surely get you more than one laugh.

They may seem a bit outdated jokes, but we assure you that you are going to have a great time executing them. We recommend putting them into practice in meetings of friends or family … hahahahaha.

Prank an iPhone:

We advise that all these actions, we must carry out them on a phone other than ours, so we should take the one of a friend or relative, to be able to carry out these jokes. Obviously, it must be unlocked.

Lock yourself in the iPhone:

The first joke that we are going to talk to you about is very simple to perform.

We will simply have to take the iPhone, of a friend or relative, and photograph ourselves behind a glass making the reflection of it appear, to give a feeling that we are inside the mobile. After this capture we will only have to put it as the background of the lock screen. When your acquaintance turns on the mobile, he will see us inside it … hahaha …

jokes with an iPhone

One of the jokes to perform on an iPhone

Modify the autocorrect:

We all know that in the iPhone we have a function called «SUBSTITUTION OF TEXT«. It allows us to configure combinations of letters to write something of greater length.

For example, many of us configure the letters “bd” so that when we type them, “Good morning” appears automatically.

Well, the question is to create a quick function of a word that we write regularly, such as “HELLO”. We can put the quick function to this word “I haven’t shitted for 3 days”, or any other birth that occurs to us, so that when writing “HELLO” in your messages, what we configure will appear … hahahaha …

Change a text

Change a text

To access this function we must go to … SETTINGS / GENERAL / KEYBOARD / TEXT REPLACEMENT.

Once there, we will click on the “+” button, which appears in the upper right part of the screen. In sentence we can the joke phrase and in Quick function the word that the person who is the object of the joke must put, so that our evil phrase is automatically written … hehehehe.

Rename contacts:

Accessing the agenda, we can edit and modify the name of the contacts we want. For example, we can modify our name and give ourselves whatever name we want, such as «CIVIL GUARD»Or some other name that can make us laugh when we call our friend or family member.

And if we want to make the joke round, we recommend that you change the image of the contact and add one that refers to the name we put. The laughs will multiply by 2 … hahahaha

Simulate the call of the Civil Guard

Simulate the call of the Civil Guard

Simulate that the screen is broken:

This joke is somewhat simpler although it requires a bit more time. It is about doing a screenshot main and configure it as the background of «Starting screen«. This is done by visiting the reel of photos, selecting the capture of the main screen that we have just made and accessing the option «Wallpaper»That appears when you click on the share button. Once this is done we must or put all the applications on the first screen, in a folder and save them on a second screen of our SpringBoard or hide themThat is, leaving some on the first screen, for example the calendar (in our case). In this way, when the owner of the phone wants to open an app, he will think that there is an error with the response to the touch of his screen.

Main screenshot of apps

Main screen capture of apps

In this easy way, you are sure to laugh.

Without further ado and hoping that you liked this tutorial, we say goodbye. We hope you take advantage of it when making these jokes with a iPhone.


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