Destroy planets at will in the Solar Smasher game

Destroy planets at will in the Solar Smasher game

The game Solar Smasher is a curious game, to say the least, in which we can destroy planets at will with different space weapons.

Curious and entertaining game

At App Store we find games of all kinds and for all tastes. Many of them are very entertaining and, from time to time, there are some who are the least curious. And today we are talking about some of this type called Solar Smasher.

We say that it is curious about the purpose of the game. And it is that it is based on destroying planets. As you read, we can use many weapons that the game puts in our hand to destroy the planet we have chosen.

Solar Smasher gives us the possibility to customize some of the weapons in the game

To start playing we will have to choose, on the main screen, the option Planet Crushed. When doing so, a new screen will appear in which we will see the planet and, if we press the planets that appear in the lower left part, we can change planets, choosing from a total of 9 and we can even customize one to our liking.

solar smasher game planets 1

Planet Earth is one of the planets

On the right side of the planet, we will see the weapons. There are a total of 5 different types and we find cosmic events like black holes and meteorites, ballistic weapons like missiles and bombs, or alien attacks of various kinds.

We can also make space monsters of two different types appear, and, since it is Christmas, there are also special Christmas weapons. In addition, some types of weapons that we can use can even be customized by changing the color or radius of the damage caused, among others.

solar smasher game planets 2

The different weapons in the game

The game also has several controls. We can pause time at a specific moment that we want or, on the contrary, speed it up. We can also increase or decrease the size of the planet at will and choose two different types of views to see the planet and to attack it.

Solar Smasher It is free to download and includes an in-app purchase that will remove ads from the game. If it has caught your attention, we recommend that you download it and try it yourself.

Download this planet destroying game


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