Delete an app from iPhone Settings when it is impossible to delete

Delete an app from iPhone Settings when it is impossible to delete

Today we are going to teach you delete an app from Settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Delete an app from Settings

Until now, to remove one of the Applications of our apple device, what we did was hold down on that app and then click on the little cross that appears right in the upper corner of each application.

But there is another way to eliminate them without having to carry out this process that we have talked about. For this we must go to the menu Settings. With this option, in addition to deleting an app, we will also be able to check what these applications occupy in our iPhone, iPad Y iPod Touch. A good way to see if we really want to have it on our devices or not.

This option is not the fastest but as we have mentioned, it is very effective in the event that we cannot eliminate them by doing the usual elimination process.

How to delete an app from settings on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:

The first thing we must do, obviously, is go to the «Settings». Once inside, we must look for the tab “General”.

Within this tab, we must click on the option “IPhone Storage”. Within this tab we will see everything we have installed in the iPhone and what each of the apps occupies.

Here we are going to find all the applications that we have installed and, in addition, what each one of them occupies. We just have to select the one we want to delete and click on it. If we look closely, the name of the app appears and followed by the total space it occupies in the iPhone, iPad Y iPod Touch.

Option to delete app in iOS

Option to delete app on iOS

Below the name and icon, we have a tab, «Delete app». By clicking on this option, we will completely eliminate the app, as if we were doing it from our main screen.

We can also “Uninstall app”, which would remove it from the iPhone but would save the data that we have generated in it. This allows that, if we reinstall it in the future, the app will appear with everything as we had before removing it. It is a very interesting option.

And in this way, we can delete an app from the Settings menu. An alternative option to the common one, but which is much more detailed, since we have the information of what these applications occupy.



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