Dark Mode on the iPhone brought us to life with iOS 13

Dark Mode on the iPhone brought us to life with iOS 13

For a couple of generations iPhone, specifically from the family of the iPhone eleven, Manzana added a new way to see your phone in Mode Dark. It was one of the most desired tools in presenting ios 13. In its WWDC, it had been rumored and people were impatient. It was quite a revolution for the possessors of a iPhone.

Dark mode on iPhone (Image: Howpple.com)

The Mode Dark can be activated on all devices Manzana (iPhone, iPad and Mac) and it serves, in addition to not disturbing the light or brightness of your device, to save battery whenever the screen is on OLED. This Manzana does not officially contemplate it, but it has been shown that with this mode The black pixels on the screen are turned off and the battery does not drain as quickly. I tell you that it saves battery, perhaps not as much as one wishes, but something saves.

Some health workers say, others say the opposite, that the Dark mode It is the ideal for human eyesight, which makes us less harm to read on a dark background … It really bothers me less.

I have dark mode activated and it is more convenient for me to consult the iPhone and iPad:

In Myself iPhone and in me iPad, devices that I use very frequently, is activated. It is much more comfortable for me when using both the mobile and the tablet. In the Macbook I do not have it activated, because the use I make of it is little and I have it as it came from the factory. Nor have I changed the configuration. I installed some important applications, but little else.

In the iPad I have it activated because it is much easier for me to read on a dark background, as well as to write, and I usually do both on my iPad Air 2020. In addition to watching some video in Youtube, whose Mode Dark I’m lovin ‘it.

In the iPhone, also, I have it always active. I find it much more comfortable, more beautiful and more elegant. See certain apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram or NotesThey are much more visual than in the clear mode … at least they seem that way to me and they attract me much more. Of course, the battery saving is noticeable.

I already tell you, I always have it activated. I put the clearing, sometimes, but I can’t stand more than a week with it … And you?


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