Cydia has sued Apple over the iOS and iPadOS App Store

They get a Jailbreak for all versions of iOS, including iOS 13.5

Whoever was the creator of Cydia has decided to sue Manzana by the rules and guidelines of the App Store of the devices iOS and iPadOS.

The Cydia logo

Manzana has been accumulating certain demands by behavior and monopolistic actions. Most are based on the policies of the App Store and access to the operating system itself. And today we have learned of a new lawsuit against Apple.

It is a demand driven by the creator of Cydia. Cydia it was one “app»Well known for a long time and many will sound like. It is the alternative app store to App Store that could be installed on the iPhone and iPad made the jailbreak to device.

Cydia’s lawsuit relies on Apple’s “barriers” to third-party stores from accessing iPhones and iPads:

While it currently seems possible to jailbreak the iPhone Y iPad, is a practice that many users have been leaving aside. And, as not so many jailbreaks, Cydia it has lost the notoriety it had previously.

But, as it is still present, its creator has decided to initiate a lawsuit against Manzana. This demand is based on the impossibility of third-party app stores to access and be able to be installed on the numerous devices of Manzana.

Juanjo Muñoz CydiaJuanjo Muñoz Cydia

Cydia and some tweaks

That is to say, that contrary to other lawsuits in which they complain about access policies App Store and commissions, Cydia demands inaccessibility to the operating system itself so that other app stores can be installed and apps downloaded from unverified sites like its own Cydia.

We cannot know how this matter will end and if the lawsuit will finally be accepted and, in that case, the creator of Cydia will win. Although it seems at least hilarious than a platform that exploited vulnerabilities in iOS Y iPadOS and whose one of its main functions was to download paid apps for free, has decided to sue Manzana.


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