Cyberterrorism or ‘ransomware-as-a-service model’? Group claims credit, exp…

Cyberterrorism or ‘ransomware-as-a-service model’? Group claims credit, exp…

So, there is a hacking group that has taken credit for several such recent attacks and [according to this](, do not mind being characterized as cyberterrorists

I am not skeptical about it, but I do recall that after some unclaimed acts of terrorism, group not responsible occasionally claim credit to boost their own status or to help the actual perpetrators (or both), perhaps that’s inaccurate though.

That I don’t really care about tbh, I am more wondering if the targets really are so disconnected, because there seems to be the potential for an ideological thread of ‘ecoterrorism’, that is terrorists motivated by environmentalist sentiments. Oil and meat are said to be major contributors to greenhouse gases, destruction of local ecosystems, and displacement of people (often Indigenous peoples).

That they were targeting Brazil, still doesn’t make that implausible. Considering the actions of Bolsonaro towards Indigenous people there, as well as the rain forest destruction caused by farming, it makes a target that still fits that motive IMO.

*However*, they discuss [their business model]( and I think that it’s still very plausible this is motivated by profit and nationalism, because that’s what it seems on the face of it and sometimes a something is just a something.

Also their targets may line up because they are [industries]( that cut corners on security and modernization, so essentially they’re convenient and reliable. Like picking off the weak of the herd or whatever. I find the assertion they’d be killed if they came to the United States odd; I have no faith in the USA to be fair, but that seems like an almost sheltered view of what might happen, which seems ideological/nationalist.

Or perhaps indicates this is a paramilitary or quasi-governmental group; regardless of what, a black site or indefinite detention seems more plausible to me. Visibility now would be their biggest asset in that, as such detainment would be more obvious to the world.

I don’t know really, I haven’t watched their videos or done more research yet, so most of this is just speculation other than what they say in those linked articles above. Still, interesting.

PS – the name of their ransomware reminds me of [an old Linux game]( You might want to try it, but it probably helps if you’re a bit masochistic and into games from the 90s. It also cracks me up about the casino affiliate thing or whatever it is.


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