Customize your iOS 14 home screen with this widget app

Customize your iOS 14 home screen with this widget app

The app of widgets Widgetsmith will allow us to customize, almost completely and as we want, our new home screen of ios 14.

The widget app

One of the most anticipated and popular novelties of ios 14 It is undoubtedly the widgets for the home screen. Since they were announced they have caused a sensation since it supposed a level of customization never seen in ios. And it was a matter of time before apps will arrive to customize the widgets.

The one we are talking about today is called Widgetsmith and has numerous customization options. From your app we will see that we can configure the three sizes of widgets what’s wrong with it ios: small, medium and large. And from own app we can customize them.

This widget app allows you to customize our widgets with colors, photos, and even for hours

For this we will have to click on the widget that we want to edit. By doing so we will access the edit menu. In the same we will see the different elements that we can add to the widget. Among them, date in different formats, photographs, personalized text, blank space, reminders, meteorology, astronomy, tides and health and activity.

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The three sizes of widgets

It is not only there, but we can also customize the color of the background of the widgetas well as the typeface, text color and border color of the widget. And, in addition, we can create widgets For time. This will allow us that, depending on the time, the widget becomes one or the other.

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Widgetsmith is an application that can be downloaded for free, but to make use of some widgets such as the meteorological ones (temperature, conditions, UV index, etc.) and the tidal ones, you will have to purchase the version Pro of the app through integrated purchases.

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The different customization elements

In any case, we recommend it, since with all the customization options provided by this app we are sure that you will be able to customize your home screen to your liking without problems.

Download Widgetsmith and customize your iOS 14 home screen

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