Customize your Apple Watch with this app to download free spheres

Buddywatch is a app to download free spheres and thus be able to customize our Manzana Watch with spheres created by other people.

Customize your Apple Watch with this app to download free spheres

App to personalize our Apple Watch

WatchOS 7 It is already fully operational and there are many new features included in the new operating system for our Manzana Watch. One of these novelties is the possibility of sharing spheres for our Watch. And, as has happened with the widgets for iOS 14, we have apps that allow us to download spheres created by other users.

We are sure that, over time, more apps will appear, but today we are going to talk about Buddywatch. It is probably the pioneer in this type of application and it could not be easier to hesitate to use.

In this app to download spheres for our Apple Watch, we can also share ours

As soon as you open the app We will begin to see different spheres. There will be, first, the choices of the editors in the style Manzana, and then the last spheres that were added. We can also search spheres by different criteria. If we click on any of them we can see their information.

Customize your Apple Watch with this app to download free spheres

One of the recommended areas

Among the information that stands out in the spheres are the labels, which categorize the spheres by category as essential, casual, elegant, etc. Not only that, but it will also indicate which model of Manzana Watch you can make use of them.

It will also indicate the applications that we have to have so that the app works, as well as if the apps are free or paid, and it will recommend a series of straps that can fit with the sphere. To download any of them, we only have to press «Download» and the app will take us to the app Watch at iPhone to install it.

Customize your Apple Watch with this app to download free spheres

Apps used by one of the spheres

We can not only download spheres completely free for our Manzana Watch. But, if we create an account, we can save as favorites, and we ourselves can contribute by sharing our spheres.

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The application can be downloaded for free and does not include any type of integrated purchase. In fact, for the moment, we will only have to pay something in case we like a sphere and some of the apps that make use of it is paid. We recommend it.

Download Buddywatch and customize your iPhone

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