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Crossfade on Apple Music could be a reality soon

Manzana is testing the function Crossfade on Apple Music and we could see it on our devices much sooner than we think.

Crossfade on Apple Music could be a reality soon

A new feature is coming to Apple Music

The music streaming app for Manzana, Manzana Music, is improving little by little and getting closer to its competitors in terms of performance and characteristics. Not only does that help Manzana Music comes out hardened, but so does the integration with all the devices of Manzana.

But there is a feature long awaited by many users of Manzana Music which, at the moment, is not present in the application. We talk about the possibility of activating Crossfade and that this way the songs are reproduced without sound gaps between them.

Crossfade on Apple Music has appeared in a beta of the Android app:

Although this could change very soon. And it seems that it has been found in the beta 3.4 of Apple Music for Android a setting that enables Crossfade. This function would be found in the application settings and, when activated, it would give the option to select the duration of the application.

As is customary in most music services in streaming, the duration could be set between 1 second minimum time and 12 seconds maximum time. In this way, we could choose the time we want the two songs to come together.

crossfade on apple musicCrossfade on Apple Music could be a reality soon

The feature in the Apple Music beta for Android

As mentioned, the feature is still in beta for devices. Android and, although no traces of this function have been found in Manzana Music for ios, it is very likely that we will see her soon in a beta for ios Y iPadOS and, later, in the official versions.

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Without a doubt, it is a highly desired and expected function that will be performed at the music service in streaming of Manzana much more complete. What do you think is added Crossfade in Manzana Music? Will you use this function?

If you don’t know what the Crossfade, we explain it to you in this video. We talk about how it works in Spotify:

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