Create custom widgets for your iPhone with this app

Create custom widgets for your iPhone with this app

The Widgeridoo app allows us to create our own custom widgets for iPhone that adapt to our needs.

Great app to create your own widgets

Since the launch of iOS 14 One of the most exploited and recognized functions has been the widgets. They have not stopped looking, from the first moment, applications related to these customization elements of iOS 14, and lots popular apps have also created their own.

Many of them they are really useful and allow us to add extra elements with very practical functions on the home screen. Despite this, most of them come with default and somewhat limited widgets. But, if you want to create your own to your liking and customize them, we bring you the app perfect.

The custom widgets that we can create with this app can be fully adapted to our needs

The app is named Widgeridoo and it is quite easy to use. When we open it, we will see some sample widgets and, if we click on them, we can begin to see the potential of the app and, to create our own widgets the first thing to do is press “+” and choose the template.

create custom widgets widgeridoo 2

Editing widgets in the app

In the editor widget We can choose any of the widget sizes offered by iOS 14. But it is not relevant which one we choose since we can add the elements we want in any of the sizes that exist.

By clicking on any of the spaces we can start adding elements to the blocks. The app has many elements such as static ones that are Empty blocks, Text, Pictures, Music or Sticky Notes.

But we also have dynamic elements that are People, birthday, Calendar Events, Calendar Lists, Monthly Calendar, Reminders, Battery Percentage, Current Time and Date, Countdown and Web Text that we want.

create custom widgets widgeridoo 3

One of the app’s default widgets

Not only that, but we can also add Data of Exercise. And, in addition, we can customize almost any aspect, not only of the blocks, but of the widget in general choosing shapes, sizes, text, color, and a long etcetera.

As you can see, this app it has a lot of potential to create our own widgets. In addition, we are sure that, as soon as they add more functions, the possibilities of creating widgets with this free app will be many. We recommend you download it and be attentive to the news that the app will surely add.

Download this app to create and customize your own widgets


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