Create a Windows menu using your own name

Create a Windows menu using your own name

There is a simple but pretty cool way to place yours name as Windows menu. The menu will work like another common menu, you can click on it and determine for yourself what the menu will do. You can set the placement on top or bottom. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite icon which matches the menu. It’s cool isn’t it? And it’s not difficult to make one, you just need to double click and the menu will be set and ready in seconds. You don’t have to be an expert, anyone can do it easily. So what the menu looks like, see the image below:

Create a Windows menu using your own name

As you can see there is a new menu named “My Cool Name here …” Of course you are free to change it to any name you want. It can be your own name, your child, your pet, or the name of your computer. You can add multiple new menus and set the layout on top or bottom. This menu is based on the Windows context menu, it appears whenever you right-click on the desktop, but of course, it can also appear in Explorer and other window menus. For now, I’m going to give you the easy way to create a Windows menu with your own name in the desktop context menu.
Normally you will have to edit the registry to create a new menu, but some people are not familiar with the registry. So I created a registry file containing the menu code.

  • Download MyCoolMenu.reg.
  • Unzip or extract it on your computer.
  • You will now see the MyCoolMenu.reg file, right click on it and click Merge. When the confirmation dialog box appears, just click OK or Yes (twice).
  • Go to the desktop or press Start + D, then right click anywhere.
  • .

  • Congratulations, your new menu now appears on the desktop
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Wait, something’s missing, you don’t have it personalized menu. Right click on MyCoolMenu.reg and click Edit. Here are the registry file codes that you will need to modify:

Windows Registry Editor version 5.00

@ = “My cool name here …
“Icon” = “imageres.dll,204
“position” = “High

@ = “explorer.exe

Rename “My Cool Name here …” with any name, words or letter you want. The number 204 represents the icon sequence of imageress.dll. See Imageress.dll icon list and reference number. At the top, this is where you want to place the menu. If you want to place it at the bottom, replace it with “bottom”. Explorer.exe is the program / application that will be executed when you click on the menu. Replace it with the target of the program you want to run, just start it with the familiar program you know. Finally, if you want add multiple menus, you can copy MyCoolMenu.reg, rename it as new registry file. Edit the “Me” (see code) with something new, because Me represents the name of the channel. So if you changed “Me” to (for example) “Me2” another channel is created and then another new menu is also created.

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