Create a group on Disney + to watch content together

Create a group on Disney + to watch content together

We show you how to create a group on Disney + so that you can see content all at the same time and at the same time, together.

group at Disney

So you can create a group on Disney +

Today we are going to teach you create a group on Disney +, to view content together. A great idea not to spoil between friends and enjoy a chapter, for example, all together.

Disney + is one of the latest video platforms that have appeared on the market and without a doubt, it was one of the most anticipated. The truth is that it has content that everyone likes, that although not everything is there, it does have all the Marvel titles for example.

In addition, it has options like the one we discuss below, which help us to watch any movie or series at the same time with our friends, wherever they are.

How to create a group on Disney +

What we must do is go to the app Disney + and go directly to the content we want to view. Be it a chapter or a movie.

In this case, we are going to do the example with the chapter of a series. We access that chapter and instead of clicking on the button ‘Play’, we must click on another in which the icon of several silhouettes together appears …

group at Disney 1group at Disney 1

Click on the silhouettes icon

Doing so opens a new window in which we are told that we can invite up to 6 people to that group. So we invite whoever we want.

group on Disney 2group in Disney 2

Invite and opt for a bigger screen

Also, if we look at it, we see that they give us the option to view content on a much larger screen and leave the iPhone to talk.

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To do this, we just have to log in to the TV with the same account and automatically, the iPhone will be free to talk. A great function that will get rid of more than one spoiler and without a doubt, a good way to watch any content with friends or family without having to be all together.

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