Create a character and manage his life in Idle Life Sim

Create a character and manage his life in Idle Life Sim

In the game Idle Life Sim you can create a character to your liking, choose his profession and manage his life from scratch in the most entertaining way.

Fun simulation game

On other occasions we have talked about some of the games «Idle»What’s in the App Store. These types of games, although they do not require much interaction on our part, are quite fun. And, usually you have to build or manage certain businesses.

Most of these games make us start from scratch, with a business that we have to take to the top by improving little by little. But in the Idle game we are talking about today, Idle Life Sim, we will not have to create any business, but we will have to create a character and manage his life.

Idle Life Sim places as much importance on job improvements as on the house and the popularity of our character

When starting to play Life Sim, the first thing we have to do is choose a profession so that our character can advance. We can choose from a total of four careers or professions: Art, Cooking, Sports and Technology.

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Some of the profession improvements

Each of these professions is completely different from the others and choosing one or the other will make the game vary as the missions and the work to go up in level will vary. Not only that, but the events, jobs and promotions will also vary.

In addition to improving skills and professions, in this game we also have to pay attention to our appearance and the furniture in our house. And it is that, to be able to ascend, sometimes it is necessary to have popularity points, and a certain number of furniture at home, which we can expand.

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In the game we can change and improve our house

The game Idle Life Sim can be downloaded completely free of charge. And, despite having some in-app purchases, they are unnecessary to be able to play the game. In case you like Idle games, we recommend you download it.

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Download this game and create and manage the life of your character

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