Could we see Windows 11 at the June 24 event?

Could we see Windows 11 at the June 24 event?

No matter what operating system you are using, you are probably excited about the prospect of a major update. If only for nothing else, the change of pace of the “same ole, same ole” is always welcome. While Windows 10 updates happen frequently, this one looks and feels a bit different. Microsoft announced an event on June 24, 2021, and its images suggest Windows 11 will be announced.

Time to change

It almost looks like Microsoft is taking a page out of Apple’s book. While Apple has been the subject of secret posts and promising images, the Microsoft event invitation offers the same.

Let’s face it – it’s time for something new, like Windows 11. Windows 10 has had its due, but isn’t it time for something new? The update naming convention seems to be lacking in ideas. Still, the company said Windows 10 was “the last version of Windows.”

But there have been several hints that something big is in the works – a lot before the release of the Windows tweet, with the words “What’s next for Windows” and showing an animation of “Windows 10” with its sound. reflection appearing long and thin – like an 11.

Just over a week ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was discussing an announcement that would be the “next generation of Windows” and that it would be “one of the most important updates of Windows for decades ”.

Microsoft has done a lot of work behind the scenes. There was something called “Sun Valley”. There is also a Windows Lite version intended to compete with Chrome OS. This will include a new Start menu, system icons, and File Explorer enhancements.

Windows 11 keyboard

A new app store is also in the works. Nadella had said this “would open up greater opportunities for developers and creators.”

Perhaps one of the unforeseen changes was the pandemic and its introduction to working from home and distance learning. It gave new life to the laptop industry. Windows has been there to help workers, students and teachers.

Windows 11?

So, what better time to go out with something new, like Windows 11?

After Microsoft released the invitation to the event for June 24 at 11:00 a.m. ET, Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi remarked that he had not “been so excited about a new version of Windows from Windows. 95 ”. I remember 1995, but I’m not sure all of our readers remember it.

In the meantime, if you are bothered by the latest Windows 10 update, check out these solutions to fix the problem. And if you’re still installing Windows 10, read this article that fixes Windows 10 installation issues.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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