Could digital driver’s licenses mean digital wallets for everyone?

Could digital driver's licenses mean digital wallets for everyone?

Mobile technology has brought us to a world where we keep our credit cards in a digital wallet. It is a great convenience. We are on the verge of having even more comfort. Apple has announced that it will bring digital driver’s licenses in iOS 15, but will that lead to full digital wallets for everyone?

Apple’s digital driver’s licenses

“To be completely free of your physical ID, there is one more thing we need to bring to the iPhone, and that is your ID,” said Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple during the keynote at WWDC this week. “So we bring identity cards to Apple Wallet. It is so easy! Your credentials are now in Wallet! “

Some may respond with: “It’s time! It appears that driver’s licenses are about the only part of the portfolio that hasn’t been digitized. Our credit cards are scanned, along with movie tickets, airline tickets, store loyalty cards – so why not a driver’s license / ID? This means you can leave your wallet at home and just carry your phone.

But it won’t be that easy – at least not yet. You will still need to carry your physical license when driving, but you will be able to use the digital driver’s license when passing through the TSA line at the airport. You will be able to have both your ID and your tickets together. No more fumbling around!

Apple isn’t alone with the technology – it’s just the first to launch it nationwide. Google has also been working on digital driver’s licenses. Last year, the technology leader announced new privacy and security standards for processing identity documents on mobile devices. IBM researched the idea.

A French security company has already launched digital IDs in some states, and the federal government seems to agree. DHS is working on standards for the technology.

All groups working on the technology behind digital driver’s licenses are looking for a secure way to store your driver’s license information. Those pushing the idea believe it will be more secure and allow people to have control over their own information.

Digital Driver's License Wallet

There are also groups against the idea. Those fighting for civil liberties and privacy believe there could be negative consequences for carrying ID cards on phones. Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union raised privacy concerns and questioned whether people could ever be asked to download government apps because of this access to their phones.

Unstoppable train

This leads to the question of whether we will have a total of digital wallets at some point – whether that will be the norm. Once we have the digital driver’s licenses, is that a point of no return?

It seems that way. Despite opposition to the idea, there may be no way to stop the convenience. As with vaccine passports, this would solve a problem, but there is an opposition to both. And the pandemic has likely helped boost both, although we may have finally achieved digital driver’s licenses without the pandemic. But our world is definitely moving towards more digital and less contact.

The idea of ​​the digital ID seems to be a train that left the station with no way to bring it back.

Read on to learn all about cryptocurrency hardware wallets and how to verify authenticity with digital signatures.

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