Control what you spend and what you deposit with the Mobills app

Mobills is a financial application with which we can control what we spend and what we enter in a simple and intuitive way.

Finance app for iPhone Mobills

Finance app for iPhone Mobills

Keeping track of our money is always necessary. Performing this task is not always easy, but if we can use our smartphone which is something that we almost always carry with us, and in addition to a simple way, things change. That’s what we can do with Mobills. one of the iPhone apps that you should not miss.

In addition, it adds the value of a very good Widget to add to our home screen, yes, as long as we have installed iOS 14 or higher on our devices.

MOBILLS proposes a simple way to control our money using charts:

Using graphics and data insertion, this app makes a balance of our accounts taking into account expenses and income. When opening the app, we will find the main screen which is the one where we will see the summary of what has been happening with our money.

Screenshots of Mobills

Mobills screenshots

The first thing we have to do is enter the balance of the different accounts that we have. To do this we have to click where it says € 0.00 and on the next screen click on create account. We enter the data and create it. Then, click on “Reset” and we add the balance of our account.

Once we have entered the balance, we can begin to interact with the app. For this we will use the icons at the bottom of the screen.

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The first is the “Main screen”, where we can see a summary of our accounts. The second icon is that of the “Transactions” where we will see our history of expenses and income. The third is that of “Budgets” where we can create and manage our personal budgets. The fourth is the “More” that allows us to access the settings and settings of the app.

But the most important of those buttons at the bottom of the screen is the “+”. From there we can enter expenses, income, card expenses and transfers, being able to categorize both expenses and income, configure them as recurring expenses … and even program a payment reminder in case that expense is not paid.

Mobills has its own app to Apple watch from which we can view our financial situation. It is a free application that offers purchases within the application to acquire some of its functions premium. A finance app VERY RECOMMENDED.

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