Control the time you use utensils with the SafeTimer app

Control the time you use utensils with the SafeTimer app

SafeTimer is a app very useful and simple to use with which we can control the time of use of different tools and utensils.

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Very useful app in times of pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 that is ravaging the entire planet has made us have to carry an essential accessory: the mask. But, although this tool protects us from the virus, its duration is not indefinite and, from time to time, it must be changed. How there Applications for everything, today we are talking about one that will come to you as pearls for this topic.

Keeping track of time can be difficult if you do not make continuous use of it and if it is only used at specific times such as in transport or in crowds. But thanks to the app we are talking about today, you can control the use of it.

With SafeTimer we can control anything that has a certain time of use

The application is called SafeTimer and it can’t be easier to use. When we open it we will see a screen with the option «New timer +». If we press “+”, we can configure the timer with the maximum time of use and the name of the utensil or tool.

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Create any timer

Once the timer is configured, or all the ones we want, we can start or pause them. And when it reaches the end, the app will notify us of it. Although this app seems to be intended for masks, which is why it is mentioned in the description of the App StoreIt works for any tool and utensil that has a certain time of use.

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Also, what makes this fully functional app is undoubtedly his version for Manzana Watch. From it you can also stop and restart the timers, as well as create new timers, directly from your wrist.

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Countdown of use

If you are looking for an app with which to control the time of use of different tools and utensils such as masks, we recommend this application since we are sure that it will be of great help to perform that task.

Download this app to control the time of use of utensils

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