Collect cars and compete in races in the game Forza Street

Forza Street for iPhone and iPad It is already a reality and we can now download this well-known car and racing game.

Car and racing game

All lovers of car and racing games are in luck: Forza Street It is now available. The car and racing game from the well-known Microsoft-owned Forza franchise is now available for download on any device iOS and iPadOS.

The game bears many similarities to the games in the franchise, but has been fully adapted to mobile devices. Thus, in racing what will take precedence is taking the curves and pressing the accelerator and nitrous appropriately.

The cars I can collect on Forza Street are quite realistic

We will not have to worry about guiding the car we drive with as it will guide itself. In fact, we can see how the car and that of our opponent in the race are advancing towards the finish line in different cinematics.

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Scene of a race

Different races take place in different events that as we go through them will be more complicated. That is why we have to get the best cars possible to advance and win the races of the events in which we will face the opponents.

There are many cars, of different categories such as Retro, Supercars or Classics, all of them being quite realistic. Of course, a game to keep in mind both for its gameplay and for its graphics and the cars that can be collected.

forza street ios iphone ipad 4

Unlocking a BMW Z4

Forza Street for iOS and iPadOS is a game Free to Play. That is, it has, like most games, built-in purchases to unlock different aspects and elements of the game, such as gold and even cars.

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In any case, as it happens on numerous occasions, these purchases may be unnecessary to play, so we recommend you download it. Even more if you like racing games and cars.

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