Cobra Kai for iPhone, a game that Karate Kid fans will love

Cobra Kai for iPhone, a game that Karate Kid fans will love

If you are a lover of the film saga of “Karate Kid” surely you have seen the series based on that movie. Well, now you can also have fun with the game of Cobra Kai for iPhone.

Cobra Kai for iPhone

We bring you one of the games for iphone most anticipated by fans of the series Cobra Kai. A series based on one of the most successful fighting movie sagas, “Karate Kid”. Who has not seen at least one of its parts?

The series of Cobra Kai was launched on the platform Youtube Premium a few years ago, but it was not until his arrival in Netflix when it has been one of the most watched and followed series in recent times.

Given its great success, the developer Boss Team Games has launched in the App Store a game based on it.

Cobra Kai game for iPhone and iPad:

We are facing a hybrid game in which a card game is fused with a fighting game.

Card game and fighting game

Card game and fighting

As soon as we start we have a very complete tutorial that will teach us how to play. They will explain each of the nooks and crannies that appear on the screen. This is something that we recommend you do since if you don’t spend a little time learning how the game works, you will be very lost in each of the fights that you are going to do.

In each fight we must choose a card combo to try to beat our rival. These will be applied in the order in which we select them.

Choose your card combos for the fight

Choose your card combos for the fight

In the game we will have to collect and improve cards to make them more powerful and achieve epic combos.

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Fight against AI to practice your techniques and against other players around the world to improve your rank. We will also have the possibility to compete in weekly and monthly tournaments to win prizes.

In addition, the game allows us to customize the types of techniques, colors and power levels of the cards in our deck (without forgetting the jokers) to discover new ways to combine them and adjust our combat strategy.

A game that we recommend you download because, for sure, it will make you have the most entertaining moments.

Download Cobra Kai



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