Close applications on iPhone and iPad. Close them completely

Close applications on iPhone and iPad. Close them completely

How close apps on iPhone and iPad? We show you how to do it so that you close it completely. In 3 minutes you will know how to do it.

Close iPhone and iPad applications

Close iPhone and iPad applications

Today we are going to teach you close apps on iPhone or iPad, a good way to close those that we do not need or that give us some kind of problem. One of ours iOS tutorials essential.

Many times it is necessary to close applications, especially when one hangs, gives us a failure or, simply, we are not going to use it for a while. But that if, what we want to make clear is that to close all these apps Multitasking is not going to save battery power. In the following article we explain why closing apps on iPhone doesn’t save battery.

That is why we are going to teach you how to know what apps we have open and how to close them.

How to close applications on iPhone and iPad:

If there is an application that we use very often, it is best to leave it open and not close it, since when you close and open this app we are spending much more battery. But if we are going to stop using an app, for example one day, we can close it to avoid having it open.

Closing those applications is very easy. What we must do is, from the apps screen, slide our finger from the bottom edge of the screen upwards and, after passing the 4 apps of the Dock, leave your finger for a second on the screen. In this way, multitasking will appear in the iPhone without button home.

Another way to do it faster is to draw an inverted “L” from the bottom edge of the screen.

If you have a iPhone with button on the screen (Home button), double click on it. We will see how all the applications that we have open appear on the screen.

Close apps on iPhoneClose apps on iPhone

Close apps on iPhone

What we must do now is slide up each window of the applications that we want to close and, in that simple way, we will close them completely.

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In the event that we have 3D Touch, we have one fastest way to access multitasking.



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